Fulfilling the promise together

About Us

The Friends of Zion Museum tells us all about the friendship and support of the nations in God's divine promise – returning of the Jewish people to their Homeland.

It's only natural that such a place would be established in the heart of the most sacred city for all the nations – Jerusalem.

But the museum is only one part of our activities. We are a non-profit organization that helps and supports almost every category of Jewish society – starting with the soldiers who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the small but very courageous state and going all the way up to the Holocaust survivors, whose number decreases every year.

Throughout all our social projects and engagements, we get to touch and influence many lives and with your support, we can reach even more.

There are a few ways to support us:

  • Visiting our online gift shop and purchasing an exclusive and meaningful gift for yourself or your loved ones
  • Donating to the Friends of Zion Heritage Center
  • Visiting the FOZ Museum and joining the millions who have said 'Here Am I'

The call is yours.